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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the classes?
• Classes are 50-55 minutes long.

How many classes in a session?
• Class sessions vary from 6-10 weeks. 

How many times a week are the classes?
• Classes are held one time a week.

How old do you have to be to join the program?
• You must be at least 4 years of age to join our Learn to Swim Program. We do offer Baby & Me classes starting at 6 months.

Do you hold classes for adults?
• Yes, our age range is 4 years old to adults.

What is the temperature of the water?
• All of our pools are indoor and heated. While we do not control the temperature of our locations most pools are between 72-86 degree (may vary by location).

How many students are in one class?
• Our beginner classes have 6 students in them with one instructor. Our more advance classes have between 7 and 9 students with one instructor.

What equipment do you need for the swimming classes?
• You will need a swim cap, goggle, and bathing suit and a towel.

How much are the classes?
• Class price varies by location. The fastest way to get this information is by calling our office at 718-776-5566.

What is your refund policy?
• The refund policy is listed in detail on the other side of this sheet.

I missed a class, what should I do?
• If you have missed a class please contact our office or speak to the site manager, and we will schedule a makeup class. We cannot carry missed classes to a future session, so be sure to make up the class as soon as possible.

How do I track my child’s progress each session?
• Every session, we conduct evaluations of our students on the skills they learned through the session to determine if they are ready for the next level of our program. You can see the manager to receive a copy of your child’s certificate and test result.

Do you offer lap swimming or practice time?
•  We offer lap swimming at a few locations. The best way to get this information is to contact our office at 718-776-5566,

When can I contact the office?
• Our office hours are Monday – Friday from 9AM-5:30PM. Our contact number is 718-776-5566.

Do you sell swim caps or goggles?
• We sell swim caps and goggle for $8 each or $15 if you purchase them together. Caps and goggles can be purchased at the location during your first lesson.

Do you offer swimming classes in winter? How do I re-register for classes?
• Our swimming program is year round. Registration for the new session will be conducted on side during the last day of class.