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About Us

Gateway Sports & Pools Inc. is a company that strives for excellence in both academics and sports. Our program, which started with only seventeen students, has grown to over two thousand students; and has been providing quality instruction for over a decade. Our sports school prides itself on exceptional athletic programs designed to teach our students how to swim, play basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, USS swim team, private swim lesson, baby & me classes, water aerobics, water polo and lifeguard training course and more. We are working on adding non-conventional programs and sports to our already extensive list of activities. Such programs are martial arts, yoga, triathlon training, hydrotherapy & aquatic therapy, scuba diving and more.

We are committed to creating classes where children and adults feel welcomed and at ease, where fear turns into accomplishment, and parents and peers have an opportunity to observe the progress of their children and members with pride. When parents ask us, “What makes Gateway Sports & Pools Inc. different from other sports schools/Company?” we retort- It’s our teaching style and techniques along with our well-trained instructors, and the comfortable yet familial ambience we provide! 

At Gateway Sports & Pools Inc., We are committed to improving the health and fitness of all members regardless of age, ability, and/or economic background. We are dedicated and determined to assist individuals in achieving and improving their health through the avenues of sports and fitness. This is why we execute different types of programs that provide scholarship opportunities to students in both public and private schools.

Gateway Sports & Pools Inc. swimming classes provide instructional methods to aid and assist swimmers of all ages and abilities, to develop their swimming and water safety skills. The classes and teaching styles are designed to give quality, well structured swimming education to students and members, while cultivating and nurturing the concepts of good sportsmanship, dedication and self-confidence. Gateway Sports & Pools Inc. teaches the aquatic and safety skills of all four strokes – freestyle, backstroke, breastroke and butterfly. Our main objective is to teach our members, ages four years old to adult, how to swim and to be safe in and around the water.

Gateway Sports & Pools Inc. also offers free American Red Cross classes in the following area: CPR, First Aid, Water Safety Instructor (WSI) and Lifeguard classes to parents and students from all public and private schools.

We look forward to hopefully working with you. We certainly would like to have you become part of our athletic family and experience our expertise in the areas of learn to swim, aquatic programs and sports programs. It is our pleasure to provide you with our exceptional services and utmost customer service to meet and surpass all of your needs.

Mission Statement:

Gateway Sports & Pools Inc. is a nonprofit organization who believes that great achievement through encouragement will advance youths.  It is our mission to create a nurturing, stable & culturally diverse family environment which encourages youth to reach their full potential.