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Gateway Sports and Pools began offering swimming lessons in New York City in 2003 with one Queens location. Since then our unique Learn to Swim Program, combining lessons and techniques from USA Swimming and other Olympic swimming programs, has taught thousands of youth and adults at locations throughout New York and Connecticut. Gateway Sports and Pools’ swim school goes far beyond introducing people to water safety and the basics of swimming. Our Learn to Swim program teaches the techniques and strategies required to succeed at competitive swimming. From Beginner One through our Level Seven graduates, our lessons combine fun and hands on instruction designed to promote success and the love of the sport.

The love of swimming leads many to join our strong swim team the Gatewayves. Youth from 8-18 compete at USA Swimming sanctioned meets learning how fun, effort and team work are the recipe for success throughout life.

Since our first Swimming lessons started, Gateway Sports and Pools has expanded to offer affordable, quality lessons in soccer, tennis, volleyball and basketball. Whether in the water, on the courts or in the field our mission is to create a nurturing, culturally diverse environment that inspires youth to get involved and engaged in athletics.
Whether teaching basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball or swimming, our philosophy remains the same for our family-friendly skill-building lessons. Simply put we want to see your child smile as they learn.
In 2013 Gateway Sports and Pools became a non-profit organization so that we could further our mission to bring sports lessons to adults and youth who would not normally have access to swimming and other sports instruction. We look forward to helping people of all ages lead healthy lifestyles.

Gateway: Making Competition Fun