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Welcome to the Swim Team Page

The Gateway Sports & Pools Inc. coaches are committed to providing exceptional instruction for our Freshman, Junior, and Senior Swim Teams. Our focus is to teach competitive swimming while building the qualities of good sportsmanship, self-confidence and competitive awareness.

Levels 4-7 can join our Freshman Team, while only Level 6 and 7 students are eligible to join our Junior Swim Team and Senior Swim Team. Our Junior and Senior teams are both very active and compete locally and nationally in the United States Swimming Association and the local Metro Swimming Organization competitions. 

Our team has had great success over the years, with swimmers qualifying and competing every year in the Junior Olympics and Metropolitan Zone from 2004 to present.

Please Email Team Manager for further information. 

Parents be aware that there are several meets that are coming up. If you intend to have your kids participate, please pay close attention to the info given and respond by the deadline dates.

Events in progress or Coming soon

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